Pre-audit, TPA or regular audit

Volmachtaudits can assist you in conducting audits of your cover holders. Whether it is an pre-audit, a third-party audit or a regular audit, we are experienced in it.

Prior to the assignment we determine in consolidation the scope of the audit. Based on this we discuss whether the audit should be competitive or can also be non-competitive.  

  • If the audit can be non-competitive, then it is possible to share the results of the audit with any other insurer. In this way we achieve an efficient, time- and cost-saving audit. 
  • If it concerns a competitive audit, we discuss with you the scope of the audit and the framework of standards to be used. We document this in an audit plan. 
We carry out the audit using our Volmachtaudittool©, in which we process the planning, execution, file structure and reporting. After the cover holder has responded to the draft report, the final audit report is provided to the insurer(s). The report includes e.g. our findings and specific recommendations for improvement. On this basis you can (possibly) come to an improvement plan together with the cover holder.