Chris Waterlander

Chris Waterlander is a familiar face to many. After joining Woudsend Verzekeringen as Head of Underwriting in 1998, Chris has been responsible for insurance and MGA activities as a director at Bank Bercoop and Univé Stad en Land. Since 2019, Chris has been active with Volmachtaudits. Within Volmachtaudits, Chris is involved in the areas of administrative organization and internal control (AO/IC) and file audits. Additionally, Chris provides PE training for the MGA Register (RGA) of SAR. Chris Waterlander is registered in the MGA register and the Integrity-Sensitive Functions Register of the Dutch Security Instituut. This ensures that you are dealing with a qualified and reliable auditor.

+31 33 - 30 30 755
+31 6 - 22 04 22 98
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