About us

Volmachtaudits is part of 'SVC Groep' (www.svcgroep.nl). SVC Group is the Dutch market leader when it comes to cover holders. It is therefore important to guard the independent position of Volmachtaudits!

The business units of 'SVC Groep', such as SVC Registeraccountants, exclusively conduct audits on behalf of the cover holder. This avoids any confusion about our position in the market. Volmachtaudits works exclusively for insurers.

To ensure the independence of our work, we have established a Governance Code. You can read this Governance Code here.


The experience of the people at Volmachtaudits enables us to provide comprehensive support to insurers in their collaboration with their cover holders. This ranges from conducting audits of all kind, setting up the control framework, to developing your own audit plan and training your employees.